Lollipop Monster (German Movie English Subs)

Mädchen Mädchen (2001) aka Girls On Top | Full Movie | German with English subtitles

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By midday the marquees were up and the crew disappeared for lunch taking their lorry with them. When I got back to the house everyone was by the pool chatting. When they saw me covered in sweat and dirt I think they felt a bit guilty but they needn’t have. I was enjoying myself, getting stuck in.

I had a quick shower while Carole made us some lunch and when I came back down Lesley stuck to me like a limpet. I guessed it was because everyone else had spent the morning in couples except her, although that never usually stopped her and Kate from getting up to mischief. Having Lesley by my side was always one of life’s pleasures however.

At two in the afternoon work resumed and the lorry returned, this time with tables, chairs and a dance floor. After that it was the toilets and then all the equipment the caterers required to heat and serve food. Last to arrive was the bar. At around four in the afternoon Lesley started to oversee the decorations and by six the main tent was looking spectacular.