Explore the beautiful capital of France. Late autumn is one of the most peaceful times of the year to visit Paris! You will see the main outdoor sights and attractions, see local people, enjoy the quiet atmosphere and calm urban scenes. Listen to the relaxing music and let your imagination soar. Use this 4K UHD video as a gorgeous 4K TV screensaver to enhance the ambiance of your place. Check the list of attractions from the film BELOW ▼ to see click the places you want to see.

Video from: Paris, France, Europe
Video resolution: 4K Ultra HD
Video type: urban documentary film
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This is the list of the places and attractions you will see in the video:
Eiffel Tower (00:45)
Triumphal Arch (5:49)
Louvre Palace (7:01)
The Louvre (7:46)
The garden of the Great Explorers (9:40)
The Luxembourg Garden (10:26)
Medici Fountain (13:41)
The Latin Quarter (15:59)
Cite Island (16:57)
City Hall (18:40)
Boars of State (20:06)
The Roayal Palace (20:30)
The Roayal Palace Garden (21:24)
Palais Garnier (21:52)
Vendome Square (22:55)
Area of Concorde (24:02)
Galer Museum (24:27)
Chaillot’s Palace (25:13)
Notre-Dame Bridge (25:29)
Conciergerie (25:44)
New Bridge (25:40)
Bridge of Arts (29:01)
Gardens of the Champs-Elysees (30:00)
Tertre Square (34:08)
The Rose House (34:39)
The Wall Pass (35:24)
Montmartre (36:00)
Wall of Love (38:23)
Army Museum (39:34)
Footbridge of Solferino (43:16)
View from Eiffel Tower (45:44)

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