☑️ To realize the value of what you have, sometimes you need to lose it. Marie lives in a beautiful house with a wonderful man who loves her and the children. The family are honest, trusting relationship. They have no problems. On the weekend they go to rest, enjoy spending time with friends and friends. Everything in her life is good, but something is missing. Marie lacks thrills. She tries not to show, but because of the lack of passion, it skuchno.Vse changed after meeting him. He appeared out of nowhere and caught her attention. At night, she thinks about this man. Marie dreams that he took her, her body and soul. She is seeking a meeting with him. The woman forgot that she faithful wife and loving mother. All her thoughts were given to him. This passion absorbs man. Woman ready to drop everything and rush off with him on the edge of the world. It remains only to decide, but whether Marie do that with your life, or just come to its senses?

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