Nothing Left To Say | Turkish Full Movie (English Subtitles)

Where the Word Ends – Turkish Film (One Piece)

Turgut (Mehmet Özgür), who tries to earn a living in schools by demonstrating in Istanbul, is the only asset of his son who grew up deprived of maternal affection. Turgut, whose biggest goal is series acting, is shaken by a news from the teacher of his son Umut (Okan Tangücü) while performing at a school one day. Umut was hospitalized and had cancer of blood. Turgut now dedicates all his work to save his son. Meanwhile, the adventurer Simay (Yasemin Balik), who left her son at a young age because she was not ready for motherhood, also comes from afar and begins to take care of her sick son. While Turgut is hoping for Simay’s interest, Simay has a day-to-day with an adventurous heritage like himself. Umut’s teacher, on the other hand, runs to the help of this family with the parallel he established between Turgut’s life and his own life, which is very similar to his martyr in the southeast. Turgut finds morale when he sees that he is not alone in his struggle for his son, but a surprise awaits him. Turgut, who struggles with love and perseverance against this ungrateful life where money is spoken, has to make a final sacrifice for his son to live a better life …

Mehmet Ozgur,
Jasmine Fish,
Volkan Severcan,
Okan Tangücü,
Elif Sümbül Sert,
Mehmet Çepiç,
Emin Gursoy,
Ahmet Yenilmez,
Fatih Ayhan,
Bilgehan Birincioğlu,

İsmail Güneş